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Earlobe Repair Surgery

in Reno, Nevada

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Women and men wear ear jewelry to enhance their looks. Since ancient times rings, posts, and other objects have adorned ears. Various parts are pierced to hold these items in place. However, the effect of weight/ gravity and/ or trauma can pull through tissue resulting in a split earlobe. This defect is usually very visible and hard to cover with hair or clothing.

The soft earlobe is made of skin and fat. Other parts of the ear have cartilage for structural strength. Since the tissue over the cartilage is thin, contour irregularities of the cartilage are easily seen. Reestablishing the delicate shape of the underlying cartilage adds complexity to reconstruction.

The tiny wires that hold jewelry can tear through the tissue when sharply yanked or with enough pressure slowly over time. Larger loops and bigger items are more easily snagged. Small posts are less likely targets, but can still cause damage. Large or heavy items will gradually elongate the hole and eventually will tear through the lobe. Larger masses have more momentum, and damage happens more easily during activity. If you cannot live without your heavy jewelry, be careful about quick movements. Lighter, smaller adornments are safer.  Unwanted gauged earlobes can be addressed with a minimally invasive in office procedure.


Earlobe Repair Procedure

Dr. Talbott will remove any skin lining the split to create a raw edge, and will then stitch the ear back together. A z-plasty or flat procedure may be required to close the tear to allow for adequate strength for another earring.

Earlobe repair surgery is an office procedure performed under a local anesthetic; you’ll be able to return home the same day. Contact Dr. Talbott to schedule a consultation.

Post-Operative Care

You will need to keep the area clean with a gentle daily wash. A thin layer of antibiotic ointment is applied daily.  Expect some drainage from the repair site. Sutures are usually removed after two weeks.

Scar cream may be used one month after earlobe surgery. Massaging seems to soften the scar over time.

Wearing Earrings After Surgery?

Provided the wound has healed and there is no sensitivity, you can wear clippers beginning two weeks after surgery. The ears can be repierced 6 months after the procedure when the scar is stronger. However, heavy jewelry and gauges can still tear the repair and is not recommended.

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