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A Quick Look at Silicone Breast Implants

Posted June 23, 2015 in Practice News

Enhance your physique with silicone breast implantsOne of the big decisions women have to make when they come in for a breast augmentation consultation at our Reno clinic is which type of breast implant they’ll go with: Saline-filled or silicone gel-filled breast implants?

As most of you already know, breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure, not just in Reno, but across the United States. This means that hundreds of thousands of women have taken the step toward more shapely breasts and pleasing figures. This also means that breast augmentation surgery is a widely practiced and safe procedure.

The improvements in material technology over the last several years have produced safer and more aesthetically pleasing options for women who have chosen to improve their physical contouring through breast augmentation. Silicone gel-filled breast implants* remain to be a very popular choice among women considering this procedure. These implants are filled with a cohesive, gelatin-like silicone that behaves more like a solid than a liquid, giving them a superior look and feel over saline or even conventional silicone. The gel in these implants retains shape uniformly while still offering the natural feel and flexibility of breast tissue.

MemoryGel® from Mentor is an example of silicone gel-filled breast implants. Approved by the FDA in 2006, they are proven to be highly safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. The implants are available in a range of sizes and profiles to fit almost any body type. Depending on how much forward projection is desired, patients can select size and profile from three options: moderate, moderate plus, and high profile. MemoryGel® breast implants also have a pre-set fill volume, so patients will have a more predictable and realistic expectation of their actual results prior to having the procedure.

What women love most about silicone breast implants like the MemoryGel® is that they look and feel more natural, unlike their saline-filled counterparts. Based on our years of experience and the number of breast augmentations performed at Talbott Plastic Surgery Center, we share this same observation. Silicone implants give the upper breast a normal slope, so they appear more natural-looking. Additionally, “rippling” and firmness – common issues with saline-filled implants – are less pronounced and rare.

Does this mean silicone breast implants are much better than saline-filled ones? We obviously have a bias in favor of silicone implants, but in the end, the decision to go with either one is a hugely personal decision.

Dr. LaDawn Talbott has performed hundreds of breast augmentations, aligning desired results with the right kind of breast implant and contouring choices. When it comes to making the best choice of implants for your particular goals and unique anatomy, we want you to know that you aren’t alone. The expert team at Talbott Plastic Surgery Center will explore your goals, health history, budget, and lifestyle before coming to a conclusion. We’ll also thoroughly explore your physiology and existing physical attributes to make the most appropriate determinations. You’ll walk away from your consultation with confidence, knowing that your questions have been answered and your concerns addressed in a way that balances your well-being and personal goals.

The benefits of breast augmentation range from enhanced self-image, improved self-confidence, personal comfort, and satisfaction. If you’re considering breast augmentation and would like a consultation, or if you would just like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

*Approved by the FDA for breast augmentation procedures in women age 22 or older and for breast reconstruction in women of any age. 

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