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Accelerate Healing Logically and Naturally

Posted March 21, 2017 in Breast Augmentation, Fitness and Wellness, Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

logical and natural healing after plastic surgeryFollowing cosmetic surgery of any type, your body will need time to recover. Healing calls upon many of the body’s systems simultaneously to decrease swelling and promote repair. With hundreds of thousands of operations performed annually in this country, surgeons and patients have learned what’s needed to encourage speedy, safe recovery while minimizing inflammation and pain. Below is a list of proven techniques to get you back on your feet and looking your best post-op.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Do follow doctor and clinic discharge instructions. Follow them to the T, in fact. Simple, avoidable mistakes are made by patients following surgery that cause complications, prolonged symptoms and delayed healing. Care for your incisions, bathe as directed, and attend all your follow-up exams.

Do Not drive before it is advisable to do so. Don’t exceed physical activity limitations, including lifting more than you should. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and baby yourself for a while – it’ll pay great dividends.

Do get lots of sleep, rest and as much time off as is recommended. As sedentary as we are, Americans are increasingly sleep-deprived and stressed. Both conditions run counter to ideal healing. That said, get up on your feet and start moving as soon as possible. Moderate physical activity (short walks) promotes circulation and restoration of bowel function. It can also help prevent clotting and other post-surgical risks.

Do Not consume high-sodium and high-sugar foods and drinks. Common sense dictates that alcohol consumption is to be light, if not completely avoided. If you can help it, do not smoke. Beyond well-documented health risks, smoking impairs circulation and prevents your body from healing on many levels.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Hippocrates was on to something here folks. Modern medicine has amazing tools, drugs and techniques at its disposal, but healing remains a natural phenomenon. Doctors can do little to elicit healing. The body is essentially on its own to handle that part. Therefore, controlling variables and inputs, as we just described above, is perhaps the most important step a patient can take to promote healthy healing and great surgical outcomes. The most significant input of course is food. Here’s a list of important foods to consume after your procedure, if not all the time:

* Lean Proteins – Assistive with wound healing and collagen restoration – fish, poultry, meat and legumes have the protein you’re looking for.

* Probiotics – Restore healthy biotic cultures in the gut destroyed by anti-biotics – fermented dairy products like yogurt and kefir, and pickled foods like sauerkraut are packed with healthy probiotics.

* Fibrous Foods – Get your bowels moving after the blocking effects of inactivity and medications – fruits and vegetables which abound in cellulosic fiber, consumed with plenty of water, will have you back to regular quickly.

* Deeply and Brightly Colored Fruits – loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamins – peppers, oranges, blueberries, pomegranates – the list goes on and on – get plenty of them. They’re delicious and nutritious and will foster cellular repair and well-being.

* Nuts and Seeds – High in fiber and protein, nuts and seeds boast high zinc content, which is instrumental in boosting the immune system.

Closing the Loop

As the title of this post suggests, healing after surgery is dependent upon common sense, self-care and great nutrition. Give your body every possible chance for a superb outcome. Eat the foods you would if you were trying to look and feel your best – they’re the same ones you’ll need after cosmetic surgery. For more in-depth information about post-operative care and nutritional guidelines, contact the informed staff at Talbott Plastic Surgery Center in Reno. They’ll provide everything you need to know and what to expect before and after your surgery.

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