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Breast Augmentation: What You Need to Know About Pre-and Post-Op

Posted February 16, 2017 in Breast Augmentation, Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

breast augmentation surgeryBreast Augmentation is a topic we can’t ever seem to put down. And no wonder – breast augmentation is the most sought-after cosmetic surgery performed in the U.S. each year. Women want fuller and better-shaped breasts. We at the Talbott Plastic Surgery Center are here to help. Let’s start by addressing some important points about what’s right for you and how to achieve optimal results from the procedure.

Before We Begin

Over 300,000 breast augmentation procedures are completed every year in this country and recent advances in techniques and implant technologies have led to increasingly successful outcomes. So, while it is a surgery, and all surgeries are to be undertaken seriously, it is so widely performed that techniques, procedures and standards are constantly being improved. That said, don’t rush into this. Take your time to think, consider and choose your surgeon, your center and how you want this procedure to work for you and your life.

Approximately 75% Of All Breast Augmentations Now Utilize Silicone.

And of those 75%, many are performed with the newest generation of silicone gel which retains uniform shape and most closely resembles natural breast tissue. Unless you have special reason, your surgeon will recommend silicone implants. While silicone is a more expensive material, the outcome and longevity of the recontouring speak for themselves. Regardless, you can expect to pay around $10,000 for a standard breast augmentation procedure.

Selecting Your Surgeon…

is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Your job boils down to researching credentials and reputation. Like Dr. Talbott, your surgeon should be board certified in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. She or he should also have an excellent reputation with scores of satisfied, healthy former patients. Scrutinize the before and after pics of all previous surgeries. Last, make sure that you are personally comfortable with your surgeon, the staff and the facility. Do you feel that you can connect with your surgeon? Do you feel that you’re being listened to? Be certain that your surgeon takes a strong, personal interest in your outcome and well-being.

Concerns About The Right Size And Look…

…are quickly allayed when you select the right surgeon. Great doctors will recommend the appropriate look for your physique and activity level. At the Talbott Plastic Surgery Center, every factor including lifestyle, unique physiological attributes and health history, as well as your personal goals are considered before making a recommendation about implant configuration. It’s without saying that the size of your augmentation should be naturally appropriate, appealing, reasonably proportionate and sustainable as you age. This is why pre-surgery consultations and evaluations with competent surgeons are essential, so don’t skip steps!

To Ensure The Best Results And Most Comfortable Recovery…

…you need to practice self-care and allow yourself sufficient time off. Doctor Talbott and her staff will preach and repeat the absolute must-dos for you to obtain the most beautiful results. From scheduling time off to maintaining your weight and eating nutritious foods, you’ll learn everything you need to know to succeed, but here are a few questions to help qualify you as a good candidate for surgery:

  • Are you done birthing children and breast feeding?
  • Are you of good health and in good physical shape?
  • Do you typically experience significant weight fluctuations from season to season or year to year?
  • Can you take 7-10 days off from work to rest and recover?
  • Do you have support from a spouse, partner or friend to help with your younger children and residential chores during initial recovery?

Yes, You Will Experience Some Discomfort…

…after your procedure. It’s common to feel pressure and moderate pain for 3-5 weeks post-op. You may also experience doubts about whether you’ve done the right thing. This second guessing isn’t helped any by the fact that newly-augmented breasts tend to sit a bit high on the chest for the first few weeks following surgery. They just need some time to settle into place and take the shape your surgeon intended. Not to worry though, the pain, the doubt and the high-placement all subside quickly. Your surgeon will cover all of this and help prepare you for all that lies ahead.

The Great News (Yes, We Have Gotten To This Part)

You, along with hundreds of thousands of other women will emerge from this small journey with elevated self-esteem, a renewed sense of sexual attraction and a beautifully enhanced and symmetrical physique. Remember, your part is understanding what your goals are and finding the most competent and experienced surgeon. Once you do that, the rest will take care of itself. If you’re interested in a consultation and learning more about great options for your body, call or click the Talbott Plastic Surgery Center of Reno today.

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