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The Mommy Makeover Mania

Posted February 25, 2015 in Practice News

All right, mom, you’ve done it! After sailing through a blissful pregnancy, you’re now gliding through life’s longest exercise in patience, compassion, and self-sacrifice. Children are absolutely precious, and there is almost nothing moms wouldn’t endure to keep them safe and happy. But, given the choice, most moms would pass on the lasting physical changes that pregnancy and child rearing so generously bestow on tummies, breasts, thighs, and more.

But fear not, moms, because the perfect Mommy Makeover has arrived in Reno’s Talbott Plastic Surgery Center.

Wait—What’s a Mommy Makeover

After nine months—or more, if you’re nursing—you may be wondering who that unrecognizable woman in the mirror is. Where is that svelte pre-baby physique you worked so hard to maintain? A sustained healthy diet and lots of exercise are always the first steps to restoring the pre-baby physique, but healthy living alone don’t always undo the changes that bearing and birthing babies bring about. A Mommy Makeover is a combination of (usually) three procedures that address a woman’s post-pregnancy body concerns in a single-session surgery:

From a cosmetic standpoint, Mommy Makeovers correct pregnancy-related changes in both the breasts and abdomen in a safe and relatively quick surgery. After restoring desired contouring to the breasts and tummy, excess fat is then removed by either liposuction or laser in the most minimally invasive manner. If you decide you are done having children, are in good health, possess a stable weight, and are ready to rejuvenate your body, you are most likely a good candidate for Reno’s finest Mommy Makeover procedure.

We are extremely excited to offer the Mommy Makeover, especially since each of the plastic procedures involved is a specialty of Dr. LaDawn Talbott, who has worked for years to deliver peace of mind and lasting results to every patient she sees and cares for.

Still a bit hesitant to do it? We understand completely; plastic surgery is not something you take lightly. But that’s what the informative consultation is for: Drop by or contact the Talbott Plastic Surgery Center, and we’ll answer all of your questions and determine an approach that’s based entirely on your unique health considerations, personal goals, and well-being.

Learn more about the Mommy Makeover in Reno and view the Mommy Makeover Before and After photos

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