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Reconstructive Surgery in Reno: Improving Lives One Patient At A Time

Posted November 22, 2016 in Plastic Surgery, Practice News, Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


Certain celebrities and the tabloids surely contribute to the perception, but cosmetic surgery gets a rap it doesn’t deserve. Its very mention often evokes sarcastic remarks. And it’s true, some people and their doctors have taken cosmetic, or plastic surgery too far, but what most people don’t know is that a great deal of cosmetic surgery is performed for reconstructive purposes. In fact, over 1 million reconstructive surgeries are performed in this country every year with no vainglory attached.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is for Everyone

People who undergo reconstructive surgery span the population, from children to the elderly, women and men. Mastectomy patients often elect to have breast reconstruction to rebalance their figures. Children born with operable defects like cleft lips and palates are also great candidates. Workers who’ve been injured on the job, people who’ve been severely burned and folks involved in motor vehicle accidents commonly require the services of highly trained reconstructive surgeons.

Perhaps even lesser known, but every bit as important to folks who require such care are microsurgery and flap procedures. These operations exist to replace or resurrect organs and other parts of the body irreparably damaged by accident or disease. The ubiquity of cancer and the damage it causes to bodies makes these types of surgeries not only very common, but necessary for the health and survival of the patients who have them.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for the Face, Feet and Hands

It is truly incredible to see the life-changing effects reconstructive cosmetic surgery imparts to patients around the world. Children are regularly given a new life with procedures that allow them to eat, breathe, speak and smile normally again. Cranio-facial anomalies are congenital (present at birth) and manifest in multiple ways. Left untreated, such deformities often impair the development of the child, and again, often in many ways. Fortunately, because such disfigurations and defects are common, modern plastic surgical techniques can address a great majority of them to the point that people never know the child had a debilitating issue.

Feet and hands take a lot of abuse over a lifetime and require regular attention from reconstructive surgeons. Burns, lacerations, lost digits – you name it and our nation’s surgeons have addressed it. Restoring mobility, sense, appearance and function are all parts of the objective because we all realize how challenging day-to-day life becomes with compromised extremities.

There are thousands of applications for reconstructive surgery. Miraculous restoration to the health, motility and appearance of individuals occurs every hour of every day in this country. Unlike elective cosmetic procedures, most reconstructive care is covered by insurance. If you, your child, or a loved one needs the special care of a competent, board certified surgeon, reach out and schedule a consultation with the Talbott Plastic Surgery Center. You’ll recognize the professionalism and respect from the moment you arrive and the hope and superior level of care that awaits.

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