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The Five Most Popular Types of Male Plastic Surgery

Posted April 26, 2016

Plastic surgery isn’t just for women. In fact, an increasing number of men are seeking out cosmetic procedures as a way to enhance their appearance. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, “More men are turning to aesthetic cosmetic procedures, with dramatic increases seen in both surgical and nonsurgical options over the past […]

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Laser Lipo: Answering your FAQs

Posted April 21, 2016

Laser liposuction, or laser lipo for short, is a revolutionary procedure for removing excess fat. At Talbott Plastic Surgery Center, we use a high powered Lipotherme™ laser to sculpt the contours of the body. Our patients love this procedure because it is minimally invasive and requires little to no downtime for recovery. Our patients tend to […]

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Breast Augmentation: Your Questions Answered

Posted April 12, 2016

Just when we thought we’ve answered every single question there is about breast augmentation in Reno, we get some new ones. And that’s great! We love it when potential patients ask us questions; it shows that they’re doing all the research before making a highly personal and life-changing decision. If you’re considering breast augmentation and […]

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Tummy Tuck Surgery: Answering your FAQs

Posted March 23, 2016

Did you know that women’s metabolisms start slowing down at the tender age of 25? After this point, a woman’s metabolism continues it’s decline, slowing down by as much as 2-4% each year. A slowing metabolism can wreak havoc on a woman’s figure even if her lifestyle hasn’t changed. Factors like a slowing metabolism, fluctuating weight, […]

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Facelift vs Mini Facelift: Which is Best for You?

Posted March 09, 2016

It may not be as popular as others, but it’s a trend in plastic surgery that’s never really faded: Less is more. We see it in the rise of breast reduction surgery, or the number of people who go for breast lifts over breast augmentation. The same can be said for facelifts and mini facelifts. […]

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Breast Lift Surgery: Answering Your FAQs

Posted February 23, 2016

Breast augmentation remains to be an overwhelmingly popular plastic surgery procedure among women, but breast lifts are catching up quickly. In 2014, over 92,000 breast lift procedures were performed in the U.S. alone. That’s a 75% growth since 2000! This surge in popularity has led more and more women to look into breast lift surgery. […]

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Tummy Tuck and Liposuction: Can They Be Combined?

Posted February 09, 2016

Ever been in that situation where you had to choose between two good things? Well, this isn’t one of those times. Thanks to the advances in technology and the growing expertise of plastic surgeons, you don’t have to choose between liposuction and a tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty), or have to get one procedure […]

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Breast Augmentation: What to Expect After Surgery

Posted January 20, 2016

Breast augmentation is an elective operation, but just because the surgery is a choice doesn’t make it any less serious, especially since no woman chooses the sometimes-unsettling feeling and implications attendant with the process. Talbott Plastic Surgery Center has performed a lot of breast augmentation procedures in Reno, so we understand that as a patient, […]

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Mommy Makeover: Get Your Body Back [Infographic]

Posted January 14, 2016

Love being a mom, but not the effects that pregnancy and motherhood have had on your body, like loose skin, sagging breasts, stretch marks, and those isolated pockets of fat? Sadly, diets, beauty regimens, and regular exercise can’t always restore your pre-baby physique. The good news is, a mommy makeover can help you reclaim your body […]

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Traditional Liposuction vs Laser Liposuction: Which One is Best?

Posted December 13, 2015

No matter how many hours you exercise on a given week or how painstakingly you plan your healthy diet, there is a chance you’ll find excess fat, those annoying little imperfections in certain areas of your body. Sometimes, genetics just gets in the way of the things we want like a toned and sculpted physique, […]

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