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From Inspiration to Action: Making the Choice to Lead a Healthier Life

Posted August 04, 2015 in Fitness and Wellness

When Vickie Francovich walked into the Talbott Plastic Surgery Center for a consultation, little did she know that she would be a spark of inspiration in someone’s life. That life happened to be none other than Dr. LaDawn Talbott’s.

Dr. Talbott, a fitness enthusiast, has always been honest about how she felt about working out. “I’ve always enjoyed working out, but I never really made it a priority,” she said. But that all changed when Vickie came into her office, and inspired her to get fit and healthy.

“She is just my inspiration; I mean, this lady is 60, and I saw her and I said to myself, ‘When I’m 60, this is what I want to be like’,” says Dr. Talbott. “Vickie is gorgeous, she’s beautiful, she’s busy, but she still makes herself a priority; she makes time for herself.”

Just who is Vickie Francovich, and what is it about her that makes her so inspiring?

Vickie is a lot of things – a mother, a wife, the owner of general contracting firm Building Solutions, Inc., and a passionate advocate of fitness and wellness. It sounds like she’s got it all figured out, but it wasn’t always that way. Years ago, Vickie was suffering from depression and taking medication to treat symptoms related to ulcer and severe acid reflux.

But Vickie, a fighter in every sense of the word, wasn’t about to give in to depression or drug dependency. She realized that instead of treating her illness with medication, she needed to change her lifestyle to solve her medical problems. Vickie knew she still had so much energy, so much spirit in her, and she wanted to channel all that to something good. Upon the suggestion of a fitness trainer, she took up all-natural body sculpting, which involved pursuing good nutrition and engaging in isometric and unilateral weight training.

In a matter of months, Vickie felt confident, strong, and energetic. More importantly, she was free from all medication. Soon enough, she found herself in her first all-natural figure competition and loving every minute of it.

“I want to inspire people to take better care of themselves and strive to live longer, healthier, and happier lives,” says Vickie. “I have chosen to do this through natural body sculpting, because it is the best anti-aging and anti-depression strategy I feel very fortunate to have discovered.”

So where is Vickie now? Aside from being mother, wife, businesswoman, and fitness advocate, Vickie is now also a motivational speaker and life strategist. She recently launched the website Vickie’s Perspective, which features inspiring stories and success strategies from individuals from all walks of life. “I want people to see that there is someone just like them,” says Vickie. “Someone who gave up making excuses and chose to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle.”

With such an amazing transformation – from depressed to energetic, from relying on medication to being healthy, fit, and motivated – who wouldn’t be inspired? Dr. Talbott certainly was. “Vickie was my motivation; I wanted to be like her,” says Dr. Talbott. “I want to be able to look back at my life and feel like I did the best I could with my health.”

Inspired by Vickie Francovich, Dr. Talbott will compete in this year’s NPC Tahoe Show. Aside from competing, Dr. Talbott will also spend some time at the Talbott Plastic Surgery Center booth at the event, so drop by if you’re attending the show. Check back for updates and follow us on Facebook for more stories about Dr. Talbott’s journey to the Tahoe Show.

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